Basketball, Dumplings, and Bluegrass Music

The title of my very first blog entry is meant to give you some insight into the kind of person you will have to deal with if you plan on checking this page very often. Basketball, dumplings, and bluegrass music are three things that are as much a part of me as my arms and legs. The first two I love. I know love is a strong word but seriously, I love them. The third has grown on me. Each of these were also loved by my late father and I want to dedicate this first entry to him. I lost my dad very suddenly on February 19, 2012 and the only way I know how to deal with his departure is by talking about him so here goes….

I went to my first basketball game at the age of six weeks. Yes, my parents were insane and I still can’t believe my mom didn’t inflict bodily harm on dad for taking me at such a young age to a sweltering germ filled gym (and it was in Breathitt County. No offense to any Breathitt Countians but if you’ve been in that gym you know what I’m talking about.) Over the years dad and I went to tons of games together: games that my brother played in, state tournament games, and UK games. I loved every single one. We drove through snow, ice, and even ran to get away from some angry bottle throwlng fans at a particularly heated event in Hazard. Now I want to love basketball the way I used to love it. It’s hard but I’m trying.

Chicken and dumplings took awhile to become a favorite. My mom is an amazing cook but it took a few years for her to find the perfect recipe for dumplings. When she did, our lives and waistlines were forever changed. She started making a triple batch for the Mullins family Christmas Eve gathering. Dad and I knew that those luscious pieces of dough mixed with chicken would disappear quickly so we would “test” the batch before we began the drive to Floyd County. I’m proud to say I can make them now and two of my three kids love them.

Finally, my dad loved Bluegrass music. We went to festivals when I was a kid and he always had the newest CD from the hottest artist in his car. I had an appreciation but I just didn’t get into the music as much as he did. Dad said that when he retired he was going to go to lots of Bluegrass festivals. He didn’t get the chance to fulfill that dream so I plan on doing that for him when I can.

There is a lot more to me than these three interests but I think each one helps tell my story. Tell your story. You never know who might need to hear it.


5 thoughts on “Basketball, Dumplings, and Bluegrass Music

  1. Love it!!!
    My husband wants a recipe on dumplings. Funny you wrote about that as he and I were just talking about that this morning!!
    Keep writing and I promise I will keep reading!

  2. Cassie, I love to read all of your posts. We lagh ourselves silly at work at the things your girls say. Thanks for sharing these stories about your Dad. They always seem to make my days a little better when I read them. Keep writing and Ill keep reading- it was in fact what you were always meant to do!

  3. Mike and I talked a lot about going to a bluegrass festiva. Sadly, we never got around to it. Maybe, Cassie, we can get around to it someday. And, the next time I go to KY to see your mom I want to sample those dumplings!!!

  4. Hi Cassie, just read your blog and found it interestimg and entertaining. Will keep watching for more. Be sure to leave my chapter out….lol. would like to try a blog, so you will have to tell me how to. Love you sweet girl!!!

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