Kicking and Screaming

Have you seen the movie “Kicking and Screaming” starring Will Ferrel and Robert Duvall? It’s pretty funny. The title of that film goes well with the day I’ve had so far. My precious nephew, Seb, is staying with us this weekend. I found out today that he doesn’t like pants… at all. He is so opposed to them that I fear this winter will be a long one for my brother and sister in law. His shorts were in my dryer so I had to stand my ground and not let him go to Riley’s soccer game in his underwear. We are still friends but that might be because he is now in his beloved shorts. 

Now it was time to drive to Riley’s last Upward soccer game. Once I loaded my crew into the swagger wagon, I realized I forgot to eat breakfast. I don’t forget to eat folks. So I called my wonderful mother in law and she took one for the team and entered the local McDonald’s on free coffee day. I will probably buy her a really expensive Christmas present as a way of saying thank you. Seriously, FREE COFFEE. That place was insane.

Then we got behind a truck pulling two wagons of hay. Riley started to panic. “Mom, we are going to be late!” This was said in more of a wail than words. Bailey was screaming because she said I wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom at home. (Totally false statement. We all know kids NEVER have to use the bathroom until they enter a car.) Lily and Seb were being angels. Things could have been worse.

We finally arrived at the field and I unloaded everyone. Did I mention that Stephen had to work today? Oh, I didn’t?? Well, he had to work, for the third Saturday in a row. Lily spilled a bottle of water on her pants immediately. I told her to sit in my chair and said “Here, have a snack.” Snacks fix most emergencies. The game finally began.

Riley’s team isn’t very good. Bless their hearts (and you know what’s coming when someone uses that phrase), they are downright bad. But I love them. They played so hard today and they were up against the Manchester United of Upward soccer. I think the Yellow Jackets (us) knew what was coming but they played with guts and gusto. At one point we were actually winning 2-0. It was amazing even if it only lasted for a few minutes. The final score was 8-3 and we lost. That’s okay. I’m proud. Our team did not finish the season kicking and screaming. They held their heads high and made a beeline for the after game snacks.


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