It’s A Girl!!

Did the title freak you out? No, this is NOT an announcement. This post is about the day I heard, “It’s a girl!” for the third time. Today I’m writing about the baby of the family. Bailey arrived on the scene right around the time Stephen and I were getting to the “comfortable” phase of parenting. You know; both kids sleep well, are potty trained, and you can go to a restaurant (you might spend all of your time hauling kids to the bathroom but darn it, you made it out to eat). We weren’t too comfortable though so I appreciate Bailey keeping things in perspective.

I spent a lot of time hearing things like, “Wow! THREE girls.” “You’ll get that boy next time.” My personal favorite…“I feel bad for your husband.” Gee, thanks. The last time I checked he wasn’t growing his third person and by the way, have you all forgotten how these things get out? But I would smile and I was (usually) polite. We were thrilled to have another girl, another HEALTHY child. There are thousands of people who would kill to be in our situation. Riley was almost five and Lily had just turned three. Riley was beyond excited to have a baby sister and Lily adopted an attitude of tolerance.

Bailey was the hardest to get to sleep through the night, the most difficult with solid foods, and the most challenging in terms of potty training. She has allergies, lots and lots of allergies. These include milk, eggs, and everything outside. There’s no eating out unless we plan ahead. Until very recently she needed four allergy shots a week. Now we are down to two. I’m not complaining but I sure did a lot of that when she was first diagnosed with all of these allergies. Then my eyes were opened to kids with serious health issues. I felt like an ungrateful jerk. At times it is frustrating but she is growing and she knows she can’t eat something without our permission. Her sisters are very protective.

All of Bailey’s firsts are our lasts. She is our final contribution to the population. We are outnumbered and totally okay with that. Stephen will remain the only male of this household with a crew of adoring females. I will remain in denial that someday our “baby” won’t be a baby anymore.


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