Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, and Cassie Moses

What could I possibly have in common with Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda? I am kind of loud like Simmons but as far as Fonda goes, I’ve got nothing. The one thing we do share is our love of exercise. Okay, we share the fact that we exercise. I can’t say I exactly love to get all sweaty and gross and not be able to breathe. But I do make an attempt to stay in shape and take care of myself. Here is the story of my journey from couch potato to fitness goddess. (Wasn’t that a funny joke? Me as any kind of goddess is hilarious. I’m pretty sure that description does not include yoga pants so I’m not eligible).

A little over two years ago a gorgeous young mother of two named Diana moved back to Cynthiana while her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. She started a Zumba class and I really, really wanted to try it out. So I really, really thought about it for a week and came up with all sorts of reasons why I couldn’t go. Who would watch my kids? “I guess their dad will be home in time to take care of everyone.” Crap. But I’m SO out of shape. “Then you should try this and get into shape!” Dang it. I will look like an absolute idiot. “Don’t think so highly of yourself. No one will even notice you.” Ouch. (These questions and answers were all happening inside my own head). I finally hauled myself to the class and had a blast. I was dancing, getting into shape, and making new friends. It was awesome. For one hour four days a week I was no longer a stay at home mom, but a Latin dancing fitness goddess (sorry, I couldn’t resist). 

After going to Zumba for about 14 months I had to find something new. My husband’s work schedule and my kid’s activities made it impossible for me to get to a 6:30 p.m. class. I decided to try Jazzercise because a 5:30 a.m. was available. I don’t remember much about the first few classes. I don’t think I was awake. A year later I am still going and once again, I’m having fun (even if I don’t want to admit it), staying in shape, and making some more new friends. I try to make it to class four days a week but right now, I average three. 

After being brave enough to try two new things I was unstoppable. So when a good friend offered a sixteen week yoga class, I immediately signed up. It was hard. I thought I was totally ready for all of that downward facing dog stuff. Wrong. But I learned a lot and found that I actually enjoyed the challenges of the class.

My exercise routine has helped keep me sane during some difficult times and gives me something positive to focus on when the negatives in life take charge. As an added bonus, and pardon my bragging, my arms are awesome. Okay, maybe not awesome but not as scrawny either.

My hair will never be as sweet as Simmons’ and I can’t rock a leotard like Fonda, but if exercise can help keep my in my beloved yoga pants, sign me up for the next new adventure.


2 thoughts on “Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, and Cassie Moses

  1. It is not something I do with lots of joy!! I always tell people that if I can just get from my bed to my car, then I am fine. Some days (like this morning) I just roll over and turn off my alarm. But I made myself go tonight. Tomorrow morning will hurt more than usual!!

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