I’m Terrified of Girls

I have three daughters. I should have this whole mother of girls thing under control. Negative. When I started this gig eight years ago I had no idea that two more little darling females would join the ranks of our family and at times join forces to try and take me down. Somehow I am still standing. 

I want to be clear about something; I am thankful for my girls. They are amazing and for the most part, very well behaved. I’m cool with their interests and they make me laugh every single day. The precious present is awesome. The future is my concern. There will be a time when I will have three teenage daughters living under one roof. Are you starting to see why I’m panicking early? Can one income support that many rolls of toilet paper, makeup, clothes, and heaven help us… shoes??? Will I be able to stomach the drama? Am I actually supposed to help them learn to drive and let some boy take them out on a date?

Friends, I’m scared. But I’m not really afraid of their hormones or the disagreements I know we will have. I’m terrified because they are mine and no matter how tall they grow, how beautiful they become (I’m biased), and how successful they are are, each sweet daughter is a precious gift from God. A gift that I can’t keep wrapped up and safe forever. My babies will want to leave someday and make their way in the world and I will let it happen. But before they go we have to talk about some things. They need to know the facts of life. Hopefully we can have this fun conversation (not) in a way that won’t be too horrible. (Their doctor dad should be good at this. He can really scare them if need be.) I want them to be tolerant and kind to others. I want them to choose friends who will appreciate their quirks and support their dreams. When they make mistakes, I want them to take responsibility.

My husband often gets the comment, “You sure do have YOUR hands full!” I like to chime in, “Actually, his hands are fine. I’m the one on the front lines thank you very much.” But the truth is, we are in this together. I know that I will have many terrifying girl moments in the years to come. As the only male in this house, Stephen will probably spend a lot of time of listening. Maybe we can keep up the facade of “in control.” If it all falls apart we will just keep plugging along…and never let them know we are afraid.


One thought on “I’m Terrified of Girls

  1. With three brothers, I was prepared for boys. Upon the arrival of Jessica, I knew the Lord was either playing a practical joke on me, or pushing my limits. But when Sarah was born (we waited 3 years before having her – that should give you an idea as to how hesitant I was to have another girl) I was absolutely floored when another little girl appeared!

    The past 32 years of being the mother of two girls, I have grown immensely in my faith. In fact, I would probably attribute much of my growth to being a mother of girls! Quite the ride… but oh the amazing memories.

    But what I love the most is how God’s awesomeness shines forth in Jessica’s 3 BOYS and 1 little girl! Stay tuned… you never know what the future may bring!

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