Basketball and Perspective

Right now the record of the HCHS freshman and their fearless leader, Dr. Moses, is 2-4. They play tonight so hopefully we can add a win. I wore my “I Love the Coach” shirt to his first game. They lost. The shirt has been folded and once again placed in the back of my drawer. Side story about this now infamous shirt: I’m probably too old to wear it but Stephen assures me it “looks great!” Bless his heart, he either REALLY likes me in this shirt or he’s too afraid to say, “Honey, I appreciate your zeal but I think a nice button down would be more appropriate at your age.” He should stick with the looks great. I’m turning 36 in a few days and appreciate any lies at this point.

The concession stand is my own personal hell. I think Lily could enter some kind of eating contest involving candy and take down a person twice her size. Poor Bailey has food allergies so I pack all of her snacks. She usually has them all eaten by the two minute mark…of the first quarter. Riley suddenly becomes a starving child with a pitiful face and voice to match. I think she counts on the pressure I feel when I realize about twenty other people have heard my eight year old claim “her stomach hurts because it’s been SO long since she last ate.” They all know it’s an act but I can see the mix of pity and relief when they look at me. You know what I’m talking about, “She should just cave and buy the dang popcorn” but mostly, “Thank God my days in her shoes are over.”

This weekend we made it through one and half games. The back to back games are a challenge. *And there was NO concession stand. During the second game I could tell my time was limited. Everyone was tired and we were driving to my mom’s house as soon as Stephen was finished. The team was losing and I decided to leave. Worst decision ever. My calm, quiet husband got called for a technical foul!! I am not kidding. His dad was there and called me from his cell to report this most unusual but hilarious news. I couldn’t believe it. Coach Dr. Moses picked that one instant to do something so completely out of the ordinary and I missed it. He didn’t use bad language and after the game he apologized to the referees. Classy guy I married. I have to be honest, I was proud. His team was getting some really bad calls and he voiced his opinion. I’ve had lots of fun “T-ing” him up this week. At some point I might get a tiny bit annoying.

The schedule has definitely been more challenging for me this year. The demands of Stephen’s real work and volunteer work have meant a lot of nights of being solo at home with three energetic kids. We are all exhausted. 

I was going to stay home tonight because I didn’t want to drive to an away game. I have  a three year old who didn’t take a nap, a six year old who is being quite challenging, and an eight year old who already asked if the concession stand will be open. Then I thought about the tragedy in Connecticut and I felt ashamed about my petty concerns and complaints. So what if they fight all the way to Nicholas County? Who cares if they eat too much junk food tonight? Each precious girl is with me. I can hold them, give them a bath, and read their favorite Christmas books before bed. I can go to bed with a a stomach full of popcorn and heart full of thankfulness.


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