All I Want for Christmas Is…

The Moses crew survived Christmas. Here are a few highlights… 1. I bought my mother in law a new pair of pajamas but forgot to order the pants. (So I guess there technically not a pair of anything). 2. Lily opened all of her gifts and said in the most pitiful voice, “Well I didn’t get anything on my list this year.” Sorry Lils. It’s hard to fulfill the wishes of a six year old when her list includes a trumpet, pomeranian, parrot, a mind control game, and a set of wings. Keep dreaming big though. 3.Bailey got way too much stuff. Her favorite gift is a glowing wand that may have cost her aunt and uncle $5. They also sent her a lovely memory game but the wand is by far the thing she plays with most. (Stephen said next year Bailey will just get a box full of Halloween clearance glow wands and necklaces). 4. Riley, despite my best efforts to deny it, is not a little girl anymore. She was so excited to receive some “hang down” earrings and her own iPod shuffle. Maybe I can borrow both someday…

I turned 36 a few days before Christmas. I celebrated by going to Walmart with all three children, taking my baby for her allergy shots, and wrapped up the day by cooking dinner. But don’t feel sorry for me. The next day I ditched my whole crew for some fried pickles and fun girl time at Windy Corner. Stephen took me out to dinner a week later. Sometimes you just have to wait for your husband to NOT be on call and it helped that my mom was in town to babysit.

Now the new year is here. I don’t really make resolutions because I would just break them. I’ve decided instead to make a list of things I don’t want to do anymore. First off, I don’t want to be such an awesome housekeeper. Did you like my joke?? I definitely don’t want to focus on the negatives in life so much. I’d like to stop drinking Pepsi but the thought of that makes me feel negative so… Finally, I don’t want 2013 to be as terrible as 2012. I realize I have no control and I can’t predict the future, but I can do my best to appreciate what I have. I hope this blog will grow and I can find a way to make someone laugh or have a better day because of what I shared. Thank you for helping me find a way to express myself and for putting up with my stories. Here’s to a new year and new possibilities!


8 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas Is…

  1. I’m sure Marsha was gracious as always, and Mayor Steve may have been thrilled! Get Bailey some wings from the Halloween rack, too. Happy New Year. Hope this is your best one yet!

  2. Steve and Marsha both just laughed because she is super cold natured so it was hilarious that I gave her a half pair of pj’s. I told her I would make it up to her by the time her birthday comes around.

  3. Oh Scott, she was so mad that she didn’t get that game. Sorry, but it was $90 and doesn’t work. Apparently it went on clearance (wonder why…) and her grandparents will be buying it for her birthday. Should be interesting…

  4. My 10 year old loves this picture of your girls! When he downloaded the big picture he laughed and was fascinated by the size of the picture. He commented, “They are life size and look like they are right in front of me LOL!” He thinks they look funny in this shot.

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