The Suns

My middle child is a bit of a celebrity on my Facebook page. I post the hilarious things she says because well, they are hilarious. I don’t put everything on there because certain comments are mine to treasure. I occasionally share silly things my youngest says as well but I don’t mention my oldest daughter, Riley, as much. She is more reserved in what she says. There is a lot going on in her little mind but she doesn’t always put it out there like her sisters. However, this post is about Riley entirely because yesterday she did something that I’ve always hoped one of my kids would do….play basketball.

Riley’s team is comprised of third and fourth graders and is called the Suns. I think that is appropriate. I could go on and on with great analogies to the sun but I won’t subject anyone to that… yet. There are three girls and six boys. Some have played organized basketball and others, like Riley, have not. The first game will be interesting. They get to play in a newly renovated gym that has hosted many recreation and church league games. It has history and that is really important. Kids need to spend some time in a gym with stories in its walls and gum under its bleachers.

Riley’s dad is going to help when he can and he is so excited. I love that they will have time together building memories and I love that he will find coaching eight and nine year olds so much more challenging than coaching fifteen and sixteen year old boys.

But I have saved my favorite part of this upcoming season for last. Riley’s head coach is her Pa. The Mayor of Cynthiana and grandfather of my girls is stepping out of a long retirement from coaching to guide nine willful, hyper, and eager kids through the ups and downs of basketball. Two times a week he and Riley will be on a team together. They will have a connection and specific time that is just for them. She will not understand how special this time is right now but I know someday it will mean the world to her. It certainly means the world to me. I like to think that my dad will be in that gym for every game and practice too. I know in life he would have moved heaven and earth to see Riley play basketball. Looks like his job now is to simply help move the Suns toward the goal.


One thought on “The Suns

  1. What a treasure!! She has a wonderful Pa. I love that he is doing this for her. You are so right- she will treasure this forever. I hope they win a game (or several).

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