What The Twerk???

I dropped out of blog world for a few months. Sorry about that. I’m sure my hundreds of(okay maybe five) loyal fans have been dying to know what is happening in my exciting life. I won’t bore you with a recap of the summer but there were three reasons I didn’t have time to blog…ages nine, seven, and four. While they are each quite self sufficient, excluding the four year old, I still didn’t have much free to time to complete a thought and try to transfer that thought to “paper.” And I’m not complaining. I’m grateful.

I have seen several blogs about the whole MTV music video awards and a certain young lady’s dance routine. Apparently she “twerked” her little self all over the place. I don’t know. I didn’t watch it and I don’t want to see it anytime soon. I’m just surprised and perplexed by the outrage, the shock, and the general belief that our youngsters, particularly girls, will be affected by this performance. No child should even BE WATCHING this filth. But guess what, they do every single day!!! How is Miley Cyrus gyrating all over creation any different from letting your kid watch “The Bachelorette” with you? How is it any different from the tons of reality TV children are exposed to and the music they hear on their iPods? Hey, it’s a free country and that is your decision as a parent to make. But be prepared to deal with the consequences.

I’ve messed up a few times. For example, when Riley was less than two I assumed that she didn’t pay attention to what I was listening to in the car. Then one day she busted out in perfect rhythm and lyrics, “My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps!!” Fergie can certainly catch the ear of a toddler. I was mortified. I’ve censored any car music since then. They are still going to hear songs I’d rather they not sing but I will deal with that as it comes. I’m in no way advocating keeping your children locked away from TV, radios, and computers.

Part of learning life is living it. If your son or daughter saw Miley’s performance, then talk to them about it but don’t make them feel awful for seeing it. When your child comes home (like my nine year old did today) and says “Mom, a girl in my class called another girl a bit**”, take a deep breath and don’t overreact. Use the moment to explain that is a degrading and hurtful word. But guess what, YOU as a parent can’t talk like that either. Again, I am not perfect. I burned my hand pretty badly one day and said something I instantly regretted. If one of my kids had yelled the very same thing the next day, I would have been at fault.

I would love nothing more than for my girls to only know love, kind words, and never watch anything except PBS. But that ain’t happening friends. So I will try my best to prepare them for “real” life situations. I hope and pray that they will face those situations with grace, dignity, and most importantly, fully clothed.