Desperately Seeking Something (Part 2)

If you read my first blog post today you know that my morning was a bit rough. Stephen is usually at work long before it’s time to take the girls to school but thankfully this morning he was home. He drove the two oldest and I took Bailey to preschool at 8:30 a.m. I did not shower or even brush my hair. I did put on yoga pants (shocking), pulled back my hair, and rubbed off some mascara leftover from yesterday. I was just going to pop into the school with Bailey and pop right back out and be on my merry way. Right??? Wrong.

Bailey’s school is inside our church and our church is located at the intersection of two busy streets in town. The best place to park when it is cold, or hot, or well anytime if you have a little kid, is on a downhill slope next to the building. Traffic is zooming down the hill so getting out on the driver’s side must be done with caution. Pulling out also must be done carefully.

I parked on a piece of ice that has decided it will melt when hell freezes over. I know better but I parked there on Wednesday and had no problems. So I released the emergency break on my minivan and try to leave my parking space. Unfortunately my car slid just enough that I could not clear the car parked in front of me. I put the van in reverse and proceeded to spin my front tires. I started sweating. You know, that instant feeling of perspiration when you realize you are in a bad situation? I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. If I was going to make a scene I wish I had at least worn my “good” yoga pants and didn’t look a cast member from “The Walking Dead”. I tried to break up the ice with a shovel the church secretary found but it was like concrete. Then I called my friend Tomi Jean who works at her family’s body and towing shop. She sent her brother, Dexter, to my rescue.

Dexter pushed my van backward and then pushed me out onto the street. I couldn’t even thank him properly because I had to keep moving. So I yelled “I love you!!” out my open window. I’m sure he was thinking “That’s a crazy one…” He would be correct.

I am done seeking today.



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