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Earlier today I loved milk. I was simply ecstatic on my Facebook posts because it appeared my five year old had passed a food challenge to determine whether or not she had outgrown her milk allergy. I was a nervous wreck all morning. Bailey is a great patient. She does whatever the doctor asks and played/colored/watched movies the entire three hours. I was on pins and needles. Today was huge. Could she finally try ice cream? Would we be able to mark milk off the list that also include peanuts and eggs?

The answer to the above questions was yes for a few hours and now it’s become, um…well…maybe. Food allergies, like so many other health issues, are not easy to explain. There are skin tests, blood tests, and food challenges. There’s a LOT of frustration and lack of understanding. And on top of all of the things I just mentioned, there’s a five year old little girl who wants to eat what her sisters are eating. There’s this little person whose body doesn’t process certain foods the way it is supposed to and that makes her mommy and daddy sad. Okay, it makes daddy sad (because he loves her and is a logical person) and it’s starting to really piss off her mommy (because SHE is NOT always rational). We have not given up hope that Bailey has outgrown her milk allergy but the answer simply isn’t clear yet. Thankfully she is a very healthy kid who is loved beyond measure and at the end of the day, that is really all that matters.


2 thoughts on “About Face(Book)

  1. I understand completely- just watching melanie go through the anger with it with Sydney. I noticed you took it off facebook- and I GET IT. Love you all. XO!!!

  2. Totally get it. When I stuck with my strictest diet… I felt MARVELOUS. Then I sort of strayed. Nothing dramatic, and NEVER totally off my diet. But I ate processed foods. And when I was desperately sick this fall, we reintroduced rice (beyond my wild rice which WAS on my diet.) I’m afraid that may have been a big mistake. Challenge results were NOT immediate. But I believe I am feeling them after months of inclusion in my diet (much to my frustration.) I don’t have dairy. (so no ice cream… I freeze 100% fruit juices in cups and use a grapefruit spoon to scrape it out. Nice frozen treat.) No egg yolks. No grains. No gluten. (Gosh that stuff is everywhere!) No beef. And eating Italian is rough: no parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme!

    Sometimes I really detest this diet. But after the past year-plus that included several surgical procedures and so many life “moments” that disrupted my physical being in so many ways, I can now say sticking with the diet NO MATTER WHAT is going to have to be essential if I want to be the person I was created to be. Gets my craw sometimes. But that’s just the way it is. I’m special, and I must cater to my special needs or no one (including myself) will want to be around me.

    Nothing in this food sensitivity/allergy world is easy…NOTHING. Hang in there Cassie. You are doing a great job with Bailey’s special food needs… and you are an absolutely SUPER FANTABULOUS Mom. Don’t you forget that!!!!

    So consider yourself now getting…

    Being a Mom truly is the HARDEST job in the whole world. You excel in this position. If there were some way to give you a promotion, you would have received it for you have earned it ten times over. Unfortunately, no pay raise comes with this acknowledgement.
    1. Start EVERY morning with prayer. End EVERY day in His Word… then fall asleep in pray.
    1. On a regular basis (daily) take time for yourself. Catching up on mending, laundry, or dishes does NOT count! But…. minutes caught on the fly, DO count!
    2. Spend at least two days/evenings a month with “co-workers” (especially the full time, on-site variety), WITHOUT any distractions, offsite, enjoying a totally non-job related experience.
    3. Spend at least two days/evenings a month with your designated co-worker/co-conspirator who has come to rely on, value and trust your professional expertise in your position with his offspring.

    Memo delivered.

    😎 Love you Cassie girl!

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