Got Spirit? Let’s…Oh Never Mind

I have a confession. I am a “spirit” killer. I don’t like when my kids bring home a note that starts with, “Monday is hat day, Tuesday is wear a toga day, etc…” (Okay, there’s never been a toga day but I do think that would be hilarious and slightly inappropriate). I am certainly not against school spirit. I am against having to do any extra work to get my crew dressed and out the door. There, I said it. I have a lazy streak when it comes to being a fun mom. This may come as a surprise to some of you or maybe you could see my rage against the machine always lurking behind the doors of my minivan. Either way, I just want to come clean.

I am a very structured person. I like to eat dinner around the same time every night. I put my kids clothes out the evening before so they can get dressed quickly (and because if I did not, Lily would NEVER EVER get dressed), and most nights I, with the help of my husband, pack lunches. My kids go to bed at the same time. I like my kitchen to be neat and at least one bathroom to be clean enough that I don’t step on any toothpaste. The rest of the house is just cleaned when/if I have time. I have never in my life “flown by the seat of my pants.” I’m cool with that. I’ve never been skiing, sky diving, or tied a bungee cord around myself. I thought riding the Beast at Kings Island was pretty damn brave and I doubt I’ll ever do that again either.

Despite my need for order I do love unstructured play for my kids and time at home to just “be”. I find comfort in a meal where all five of us sit down at the same time. I NEED days with nothing on the calendar. So if I’m such a scheduler/need to know person, why in the world do I resist things like spirit week? Because it’s more work for ME. Yes, I can say, “Here kids…if you want to do this stuff, then find it/make it, and put it on.” But I’m am Mom and Mom is expected to help with all of this extra stuff. I don’t want to decorate a hat tonight sweetie, I want to drink a glass of wine and sit down and see if Tori and Dean are going to work through this affair. I want to read a book…WITHOUT pictures. I want to talk to your father but he’s too busy helping you craft what you need for school because I completely suck at those things!!! And then there are the times I just plain forget about a special day at school and my eight year old storms at me like a freaking bull and shouts, “WE WERE SUPPOSED TO WEAR PURPLE TODAY and YOU FORGOT!!” Guess what? Too bad. You are clean, fed, and loved. I’m not apologizing for that one.

At the end of the day, I do at least try, sometimes grudgingly, to make sure I am on board with any extras for my kids at school and their activities. Sometimes I pull it off without a hitch. Other times, I fall flat on my face. As far as I can see, my girls are not suffering due to my incompetence at Pinterest or my lack of a glue gun. I won’t remember everything but at least I’ve never forgotten to pick them up from school…yet.