Just Another Day in Paradise

Today is one of those days I had to hit head on with all cylinders firing…so I started last night. Here is what had to be done BEFORE I backed the minivan out of the garage at 7:40 a.m.

-Pack three lunches: Bailey must have a lunch from home due to her food allergy, Lily is basically Rain Man (4 items only and they are usually the same. If there will be a fifth item, she needs to know in advance), and Riley didn’t want school lunch. Bailey forgot her lunch box at school and I don’t have a spare anymore. Her lunch is in a Ziploc freezer bag because our brown paper bags are in the back of my van. You know, the logical place to keep them. Her lunch may or may not have survived.

-Pack two after school snacks: Riley has a basketball game an hour away and eats lunch at 10:50 a.m. so she is starving after school. Lily has cross country practice and it’s really hot today so she will need a quick snack and some water. Her water bottle is currently sitting on the kitchen counter. I will take it to her when I pick Bailey up from school (which is code for “It will still be on the counter at 10 p.m.”).

-Pack two sports bags: Refer to the above mentioned basketball game and cross country meet.

-Today was school picture day for Lily and Bailey: This is the one day of the year Lily allows me to smooth her very thick hair with a curling iron. You know what? I’m over it. She can wear dreadlocks next year if she wants. Bailey then wanted her hair curled. She was convinced I would burn her. She is burn free. In your face six year old!!

Everyone made it to school with their backpacks, extra food, and picture worthy hair. I worked picture day for three hours and then came home to do laundry, prep some dinner for tonight since I won’t have time to cook later, and watch some Food Network. The Food Network wasn’t essential but I like to pretend I will make something I see on TV today.

Carry on friends. It’s only Tuesday. We can do this.


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