I Am Danny Diaz

If you have seen the movie “McFarland USA” you know that Danny Diaz was the slowest runner on his cross country team. McFarland is a great family movie about a group of Mexican/American kids who defy the stereotypes and challenges they face to make history. Danny is consistent and his team counts on him to never quit. There’s even a scene where he surprises everyone with his running ability.

I won’t surprise anyone on Saturday. Lily and I have been joking that “WE are Danny Diaz.” We set a slowish pace and then I pray that we make it to our goal. So far that strategy is working. Our longest run has been 1.5 miles so we may not make it to 3.1 by the end of the week and that’s okay.

We will channel our inner Danny Diaz and maybe, just maybe, Lily and I will surprise the two most important people possible….each other.


One thought on “I Am Danny Diaz

  1. Love all your posts. Thanks so much for letting me in on your doings. Cheers to you and Lily for going as far as you have.

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