I don’t know my right from my left at least 60% of the time.

Sometimes I buy a bag of Hostess chocolate donuts and hide them so I won’t have to share with my kids. Then I feel guilty and share the last two.

I hate cheese. All cheese. I can eat pizza but the cheese cannot be thick or actually taste cheesy.

I didn’t know how to put gas in my car for my first year as a licensed driver. I’m not sure why things got so out of hand but I finally confessed to my dad and he showed me what to do. It was embarrassing.

I tried to wear contacts for 24 hours in college. It was worse than going to the dentist. A girl in my dorm noticed I was glasses free and said, “Oh you ARE pretty!” I took those damn things out and never turned back.

I used to think eating alone was very sad and depressing. Now I think it’s paradise.

I used to be super skinny. It wasn’t by choice. So many people commented on my build that I wore clothes that were too big. If I could go back and reclaim my 25 year old stomach, I would wear belly shirts EVERY FREAKING DAY.

I am a magnet for weird people/situations. My husband says it’s because I’m too nice and make eye contact. He is right and I think it’s one of the reasons he loves me.

I’m a good cook. It took years of practice and I’m still learning.

I once lived on fish sticks and saltine crackers. When my kids won’t eat dinner I know it’s just some sort of sadistic payback.

I took Algebra I in college three times before I passed. I also majored in a foreign language and only had one B. Further proof that one side of the brain is stronger than the other.

I’m 39 but pretty sure I’m just getting the hang of certain parts of my life. At this rate, I should be a Pulitzer Prize winner by age 80.


My Favorite Coach

I have zero athletic ability. My husband was a star basketball player in high school. I would say opposites attract but I have always loved basketball. He has channeled his love for the game into coaching and I just like to yell at referees. (I’m sort of joking.)

Stephen coached freshman boys for several years and then took a couple of years off. Two of our daughters wanted to play and their dad was pumped to be their coach. I think that number is down to one daughter but we shall see.

This year Dr. Coach is coaching the high school freshman girls but the majority of his team is comprised of 7th and 8th graders. They are young and have won one game so far. But they are improving and playing harder each week. Stephen is a great coach. He takes it very seriously but he does not yell or demean. He instructs and encourages. I’m proud of the hard work Stephen puts in each week and I hope the girls know how lucky they are to have him in their lives right now.

Sometimes we joke around that Stephen should quit being a doctor and coach full-time. But then I remind him that we have a mortgage, several more years of braces, and enjoy food on the table. I guess I will continue to yell encouraging things during games like, “It’s okay to get a technical!” If any of our daughters decide to play basketball in the future, their dad will be ready. Their mom will be thankful it’s a family affair.

Random Thoughts In A New Year

Happy belated New Year! (NOT New Years. That would be year in a plural form. I will step down from my soap box now.) I always hope when the clock strikes midnight and the calendar turns to a brand new 365, or in the case of 2016 , brand new 366, I will feel a renewed energy. I hope I will want to eat better, be nicer, finally clean out the basement storage, and write a novel.

Well folks, we are six days in and I still feel like the Cassie of 2015 and that’s not a bad thing. I had baked salmon for dinner last night so I’m pretty much a healthy eating rock star. Then I drank half of a Pepsi at 9 p.m. and returned to reality. My reality is also not a bad thing. I think resolutions, challenges, positive changes in behavior are wonderful things. I just need to accept that my personality isn’t suited for such endeavors right now.

This year and every year until I kick the bucket, I want to be present for the moments in life that are important.¬†For example, dates with my husband on his day off. Sorry, on that day I’m not available for meetings, 14 loads of laundry, or volunteering at my kids’ school. I want to appreciate that I can be home every day after school to help my youngest with her math homework. I hate math but she doesn’t need to know. I need to hang out with people my own age from time to time. I want to cook dinner each night for my family. I want to blog a few times a week. I want to keep exercising so I can wear leggings and yoga pants.

I hope you are doing what you want and need for yourself in this new year. And I hope at least some of it is fun!